Shawn Decareaux Shawn Decareaux, Owner / Tour Leader / Caterer

A friend encouraged me to begin riding many years ago. Though I was reluctant, I soon found cycling gives me the freedom to see the beauty of nature. Traveling down backcountry roads, I experience new adventures that are thrilling to me. I wake up and think where will my bike take me today? I love encouraging people to come along for the ride. Raised in a large family, cooking with large pots and portions are natural for me. Sharing good food feeds my passion for connecting with new friends and advances the excitement and adventure of cycling, which brings out the best in people. I started BIKEternity because sharing good food and good friends are the elements of a successful ride.


  Greg Edwards, Empire State Ride Director

 Greg is from Fincastle, Virginia, and has been leading tours since 2008. Most recently, he has led tours in the California Sierras, Washington Cascades, and the Blue Ridge Mountains. When he’s not on the road, he designs and leads various outdoor adventures for Roanoke City Parks & Recreation. His favorite tour experience of all time was the spectacular beauty of the Washington Cascades. His dream bicycle tour is to ride from the U.S. border through Canada and into Alaska. He loves leading bicycle tours because he loves exploring this amazing country by bicycle. “I know there are others that share this passion. I have a unique opportunity to make their dreams come true. It gives me great pleasure to be a part of creating cherished, life-long memories for all the interesting people I meet on tours,” he said. His favorite on-the-road snack is peanut butter. He comes across as serious at first, but not for long: he’s been known to show up on tour in a hula skirt and coconut bra, or an Abe Lincoln costume, or dressed as a cowboy! In addition to cycling, he enjoys mountaineering, kayaking, cross country skiing, running, hunting, and fishing.


michelle-mathieu-scott Michelle Mathieu-Scott, Tour Leader 

  Michelle Mathieu Scott is from Naperville, Illinois. When she’s not leading bicycle tours, she’s a massage therapist and the owner of Body Balance Massage Therapy, Ltd. She has been leading tours since 2011. Most recently, she led a tour in Glacier & Waterton National Parks, and Inn to Inn tours in Maine and Vermont. Every tour is a favorite for her, because each one is unique. Her dream bicycle tour is through Italy. She loves leading bike tours because she loves the people she gets to meet. Her favorite on-the-road snack is Fig Newtons!